Road closures

As and when we become aware of imminent or planned road closures in relation to city centre events, we will publish information provided by Sheffield City Council on the BID website as quickly as possible to aid businesses in preparing for the impact of such closures on their business.

Road closures that we are aware of, include:

October 2016 onwards, Demolition of Grosvenor House Hotel: Closure of Wellington Street and Cambridge Street south of Wellington Street. Reversal of traffic flow on Cross Burgess Street – cars can no longer travel in an easterly direction towards Wellington Street. Latest details here (opens as a .pdf file).

January 2017 onwards, Temporary footpath closures: around Charter Row, Carver Street, Charter Square and Debenhams. Latest Details here (opens as a .pdf file).

Road Closures – HSBC City Ride 16 July 2017

Charter Row / Moore Street                                                                           

Access only allowed from Furnival Gate to Atkinsons / Wicks exit out via Cumberland Street

Ecclesall Road (lane closure)                                                                       

Lane closure outbound from junction of Summerfield Street to St Mary’s Gate

Surrey Street

Norfolk Street remains open no access on to Surrey Street controlled access to Mercure St Pauls Hotel only

Pinstone Street

Access for taxis allowed on to Leopold Street only

Burgess Street

Access to John Lewis via Cambridge Street exit left onto Barkers Pool only

Arundel Street                                                                                                   

Sylvester Street                        

Junction with Jessop Street & Sidney Street  

Mary Street                                                                                                         

Bramall Lane                       

Junction with St Mary’s Road and Alderson Road

Cherry Street

John Street

Ecclesall Road (Full Closure)

Access allowed for residents across Harland Road / Collegiate Crescent & Dover Road / Hickmott Road

Ecclesall Road

City bound from junction of Rustlings Road/ Brocco Bank junction of Endcliffe Vale road Diversion in place

Hunters Bar Roundabout

Junction of Rustlings Road – diversion Rustlings Road and Psalter Lane

St Mary’s Gate          

between Moore Street and St Marys Gate Roundabout 

Road Closures – Sheffield Hallam University Grand Prix Cycling 19 July 2017

05.00 – 07.00

Arundel Gate lane closure (Furnival Square to Norfolk Street).  One lane open for buses and cars.

12.00 – 22.30

Tudor Square

16.30 – 22.30

Pinstone Street to junction of Furnival Gate.

Norfolk Street, Surrey Street (from junction of Norfolk Street towards Pinstone Street) Leopold Street (access to taxis only)

17:45 – 22:30

Pinstone Street (from Furnival Gate to Cross Burgess Street) Furnival Gate to junction of Arundel Gate, Arundel Gate (toward Norfolk Street)