Tuesday March 29th 2016

The BID Spring Clean starts today!

11A 6-week long “spring clean” is beginning in Sheffield City Centre today. The project, funded by Sheffield’s Business Improvement District, will tackle graffiti on privately-owned commercial properties. It is part of the BID’s commitment to delivering a noticeably cleaner City Centre.

Whilst the BID will continue to offer a free graffiti removal service to its Levy Payers throughout the year, the BID Spring Clean is an annual initiative which will actively target city centre grot spots with a purge on graffiti affecting all commercial properties in the BID area.

Sheffield BID’s anti-graffiti strategy also includes the introduction of state-of-the-art, high-tech mobile enforcement cameras which the BID has purchased. They can be fitted temporarily to a wall or lamp post and will be deployed in areas where ‘taggers’ return to previously cleaned-up buildings.

Sheffield BID Manager Diane Jarvis says “Cleaning up unwelcome graffiti makes a difference – it shows the city cares about how it looks – and it helps to make the city centre a better place for those who live and work within it. It is an important part of showing our best side to visitors.

“There will be four cleaning teams deployed throughout April to clean up over 60 affected properties and sites that have already been identified. And more are coming forward all the time. It’s a big problem that needs to be addressed, not only through cleaning it up, but through crime prevention measures and restorative justice.”

The BID now deploys a Crime Reduction Officer to support affected businesses in reviewing their CCTV cameras, security lighting and signage.  A young offenders’ intervention programme is also being investigated.

Mel Kassim, Manager at Mecca Bingo (Flat Street) says ”Mecca has been here for 40 years. We take pride in our building and graffiti spoils it for us and our visitors. It is an issue for us as we do feel targeted. The Sheffield BID team have been really supportive and discussed various options open to us to try and tackle the problem – not just cleaning up current graffiti but by taking measures to make it harder to damage our walls and with ways to try catch the culprits.”

The BID’s Spring Clean will run alongside the planned annual deep clean of the city centre streets by the Council’s Streets Ahead programme. It forms part of a wider #cleanSheffield project to tackle graffiti and litter across the whole of Sheffield.

Landlords and tenants of private commercial properties in the City Centre affected by graffiti, can add these to the BID Spring Clean schedule, free of charge, by emailing

Sheffield BID is also investing in providing extra cleaning services in the city centre which are not delivered by the Council’s cleaning contract with Amey and the Streets Ahead programme. Businesses that pay into the BID will soon be able to access a 24/7 hotline for a range of additional cleaning services.

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