Thursday July 7th 2016

BID cams on the street

Last month Sheffield BID took delivery of two custom-built mobile cameras.  And we’ve wasted no time in putting the first camera into operation. It’s currently monitoring Fitzalan Square where we are experiencing problems with graffiti and a high incidence of street drinking and anti-social behaviour.

The BID’s cameras provide 360-degree rotation, and footage can be magnified up to 30 times to help in identifying and prosecuting offenders. This high-tech equipment – which is managed for the BID by South Yorkshire Police – is the first of this type to be installed in the city centre.

Sheffield BID Manager Diane Jarvis says:

“The installation of the state-of-the-art cameras is a good example of successful partnership working. Part of the remit is to ensure that the city centre is a safe and secure place, and these cameras will be a huge asset in achieving that aim and a useful tool in both crime prevention and detection.

“Many people welcome the idea of monitoring systems in their neighbourhood, town or, in this case the city centre. However, these cameras are not a substitute for city centre policing.

“They are being used to monitor specific areas to support a reduction in anti-social behaviour and environmental crime”.

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