Alive After Five

A strategy to help deliver the BID’s Busier mandate of generating additional footfall, creating vibrancy and improving the economic prospects of the City Centre.

Alive After Five is a collaborative idea based on the dual principles that the UK early evening economy is an important driver of tourism, leisure and business growth within towns and cities. And that the revitalisation of the High Street requires creative and cultural regeneration projects that capitalise on the attraction provided by the night time economy.

It involves many stakeholders to achieve a common goal through both social and economic contribution.

The goal of Alive After Five is to maximise value to BID Levy Payers by creating a significant step-change in the local economy by August 2020. This means extending economic, social and cultural activities  beyond day and through into the night. It involves closing the gap between Sheffield City Centre’s daytime and evening offer to develop a vibrant early evening economy that generates and sustains footfall and increased spend from existing and new visitors post 5.00pm.

Contributing to the development of the economy in this way means also means balancing this with the demands of public safety and quality of life through effective partnership working and engagement with residents and businesses.

In order to close the gap, the project is reliant on working collaboratively with local businesses – from retail, car park operators, food and restaurant, licensed and leisure – to create a package of offers that is attractive to a wider demographic.

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