Thursday August 30th 2018

Consultation: spice training for the retail and hospitality sectors

In a response to increased concern about spice use on Sheffield’s streets, Sheffield BID has teamed up with Sheffield DACT to ask city centre businesses what they want to know about spice, the people who use spice, and the effect of the drug on life in the city centre.

As a city, Sheffield is one of the most proactive in the UK when it comes to tackling issues with spice. In July, a dedicated spice clinic was set up to help and support users. Organisations such as Help Us Help and the Cathedral Archer Project are committed to working hard to tackle the problems caused by spice in Sheffield.

As part of this commitment, spice training sessions for people who work with adults have been delivered in the city centre. Now, DACT wants to ask the retail and hospitality sectors what they want to know about spice, its effects, and what can be done to help users.

DACT would like to deliver training for city centre businesses, to give people the knowledge and confidence they need to help understand the problem of spice use in the city centre. When fully informed, knowledge can be shared with staff and customers in a bid to help reduce the impact of spice use on city centre businesses.

To help DACT deliver training which is relevant and useful, the BID is reaching out to businesses to find out what they want to know.

Please complete the following survey to help us create some custom spice training sessions for retailers in Sheffield city centre. If you’d like more information on spice, head to the Sheffield DACT website to find advice.

Please complete the survey here (5-10 minutes completion time.)

Deadline for responses is Sunday 16 September.

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