BID service brochure 

New horizons
A guide to our activities and projects 2021-2026

Billing leaflet 

For the operating year 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022
Our statutory billing leaflet which accompanies the BID levy invoice for the operating year 2021/2022.
Compliance Letter 2020_21.pdf

BID prospectus 2021-2026

Our second term
The BID Prospectus and Business Plan for 2021-2026
BID Final Prospectus.pdf

BID prospectus 2015-2020

Delivering Change Together
The BID Prospectus and Business Plan for 2015-2020
BID Final Prospectus.pdf

City centre master plan

This is Sheffield: download Sheffield City Council’s master plan for 2018-2028.

Sheffield Gift Card

The Sheffield Gift Card is a pre-paid gift card that be can be used at participating businesses in Sheffield city centre. Gift Cards can be loaded with as little £5 right up to £200 and the cards are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
Sheffield Gift Card - the ultimate gift card for Sheffield City Centre

Impact reports

Sheffield Bricktropolis Impact Report 2019.pdf

Cliffhanger 2019 Outputs Report.pdf

The Fringe at Tramlines 2019 - Outputs Report.pdf

Sheffield Christmas Trail 2018 Impact Report (available on request via WeTransfer)

Dine Sheffield Impact Report October 2018 (2).pdf

Sheffield Bricktropolis Impact Report 2018.pdf

Cliffhanger 2018 Outputs Report.pdf

The Fringe at Tramlines 2018 - Outputs Report.pdf

Dine Sheffield Impact Report March 2018.pdf