Monday November 28th 2016

Film showcases Sheffield success

IMG_2962PARTNERSHIP work to make Sheffield city centre safer is being showcased in a new best practice film being shared across the country.

The film is called ‘Championing the Public’s Health,’ an in-depth programme exploring some of the UK’s major public health challenges and the initiatives being taken to tackle them.

It includes footage about the work of Local Alcohol Partnerships, which aim to target alcohol misuse and promote safer, better managed night-time economies through close partnership working.

Sheffield was one of two partnerships nationally asked to take part in the film which was first aired at the Royal Society of Public Health awards in London last month and then distributed to its membership as a learning tool.

Sheffield Business Improvement District (BID) Police Sergeant Matthew Burdett told the ITN film crew more about the work taking place here in Sheffield for the film.

It also highlighted the work of the Street Pastors and the many other businesses and organisations that have helped make Sheffield a success story to be shared.

Sergeant Burdett said: “It was great to share the work that has taken place here in Sheffield and we hope that it proves useful for other towns and cities across the country.

“We have plenty to be proud of in the city and great partnerships have led to acknowledgement such as the Purple Flag status, which is awarded to town and city centres that meet or surpass the standards of excellence in managing the evening and night time economy.”

Nick Simmonite, Sheffield BID Board member and owner of the Frog and Parrot, said: “It is a true team effort here in Sheffield, working across all businesses and sectors for the benefit of the city. We work together through the group U-NIGHT and it is great that the benefits and successes of this approach have been recognised through this film.”

Tracey Ford, Communities Development Officer for Sheffield Drugs and Alcohol Domestic Abuse Co-ordination Team (DACT) and Manager of Sheffield Best Bar None scheme said: “Sheffield city centre is very fortunate to have members of the licensing trade, businesses and the local authority who all are passionate about the safety of people coming and using the city centre, their passion for partnership working is evident when it is recognised as good practice nationally.”

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