Chris Wild

Chris Wild
Welcome Team Ambassador

Chris joined Sheffield BID in 2018. His prior experience includes retail and working as a steward at major events such as football matches.

Chris has excellent knowledge of the city centre, is approachable and engaging and really does go the extra mile to help people. 

We often receive glowing testimonials from visitors describing him as extremely charming, helpful and a true ambassador for Sheffield.

Here's what one satisfied customer said about Chris recently ...

"I live in Stoke-on-Trent, and visited the outskirts of Sheffield yesterday (07/08/20) to pick up my Daughter and Grandson for a weekend visit. 

"My grandson needed a memory card for his Nintendo and as my Daughter was working from home until 16.00 I said I would pop into Town to get it. 

"Normally I would use the Tram, however it was suspended due to major works and my Daughter informed of the bus route (51) and where to get to and from Town using the Service. 

"I got to Sheffield City Centre OK and did my Shopping, but then could not find where the Service 51 picked up from to return to my Daughters house. 

"The Bus stop where she had said it departed from (Close to City Hall) was suspended due to road works and asking passers-by for information failed. 

"Step in CHRIS WILD of your Information Services. He was passing by and overheard me asking a member of the public where the bus departed from. 

"Although he didn't know where it went from, he accompanied me to Arundel Gate to the Transport Information Hub (as I don't know Sheffield well) to find out where the rearranged route picked up. The Hub mentioned several pick up points (which I didn't know) but CHRIS walked with me the considerable distance to the new bus stop. 

"Throughout my experience CHRIS was extremely helpful and friendly. Without his assistance I would have been stranded in the City Centre. Please pass on my profound thanks to this charming gentleman. He is a true ambassador for Sheffield."