Understandably, the top priority for many of our levy payers is a safe environment in which to operate. An environment in which crime and business disruption is mitigated and staff, customers and visitors feel safe and welcomed.

Sheffield BID has several teams on the street that work to maintain a clean, welcoming and safer environment.

Clean Team - A free graffiti removal service is available to BID Levy Payers. We help with security reviews, graffiti-vandalism advice and assist with prevention measures. Our Clean Team also provides a daily cleansing and sanitation service, checking locations in the city which are regularly subject to rough sleeper detritus and hazardous waste. 

Welcome Team - Ian and Chris assist visitors, keep businesses informed and act as our “eyes and ears” on the street, reporting environmental issues and anti-social behaviour. 

Security Team - When the city closed because of Coronavirus, we introduced a roaming BID security team to help monitor our levy payers’ premises and buildings 7 nights a week, 10pm to 6am. This team is now a seasonal fixture after dark at key times of the year.

Find out more about our work to make the city centre safer.