As a Business Improvement District, we are required by law to ballot our levy payers every five years. This allows businesses to collectively decide if they want to carry on paying for what we do, and provides business with the opportunity to craft and shape the future growth and development of Sheffield city centre.

Download our final consultation document which provides details of our draft programme. 

We need to be confident that we have got this right so please let us have your feedback by 5pm on 10 December 2020 so that we can take account of your views in our next proposal.

Renewal ballot
Sheffield BID’s first term was due to end 31 July 2020. To enable the BID to continue to a second five-year term, a ballot was scheduled between March and April 2020 in accordance with the Business Improvement District (England) Regulations 2004.

We launched our original renewal plan earlier this year (10 Mar) at a time when we could not have foreseen the fast-changing nature of the COVID-19 outbreak. Given the unprecedented circumstances in which we all found ourselves, the BID renewal ballot was halted.

Coronavirus Bill 2020
Section 79 of the emergency Coronavirus Bill extends any current BID mandates due to end between 25 March and 31 December to 31 March 2021. This means that Sheffield BID's current mandate was automatically extended until then.

Like many businesses, we have taken steps to reorganise our operations to ensure that we can continue until a renewal ballot outcome can be achieved.

Despite the challenging circumstances presented by COVID-19, the Board of Sheffield BID is planning for a second five-year term, covering the revised period April 2021 to March 2026.

Much has changed in five years since the BID became operational. Through BID 2 I know we will do more to build on our successes of the previous five years to bring greater value to the city centre and our levy payers. Our bedrock is in place. We will continue to focus on the foundational qualities of safety and clean streets, and to drive an exciting activity programme that brings people from all parts of our city back to the centre as we emerge from COVID-19. Ultimately our goal is to drive improvements in Sheffield City Centre.

If you have any questions about renewal please get in touch.

Diane Jarvis
Sheffield BID Manager

Download our final consultation document which provides details of our draft programme.