Thursday March 16th 2017

Time for a BID spring clean

The BID’s second spring clean is about to begin in Sheffield City Centre.

The annual campaign will once again proactively target city centre grot spots with a purge on graffiti affecting commercial properties in the BID area.

Sheffield BID Manager Diane Jarvis says “Cleaning up unwelcome graffiti makes a big difference – it shows the city cares about how it looks – and it helps to make the centre a better place for those who live and work within it. It is an important part of showing our best side to visitors. It’s a big problem that needs to be addressed, not only through cleaning it up, but through crime prevention measures and restorative justice.”

The BID evidences all  graffiti vandalism that it cleans up to South Yorkshire Police to assist with future prosecutions.  The BID also deploys a Crime Reduction Officer to support affected businesses in reviewing their CCTV cameras, security lighting and signage.

Landlords and tenants of private commercial properties in the City Centre affected by graffiti can add these to the BID Spring Clean schedule. The service is free of charge to BID levy payers. Non-levy payers can access the service at a subsidised cost.

Email for details of this year’s BID Spring Clean.


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