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Diane Jarvis
Head of Business Operations

"Sheffield BID has now been active for eight years and we are looking forward to what will be our nineth year (2024) here in Sheffield city centre.

That’s nine years in which issues repeatedly come full circle as economic challenges and other environmental impacts continue to pressure the trading environment.

Through our unique governance, we continue to collaborate with the local authority and South Yorkshire Police to ensure that city centre businesses (through the BID) have an equal seat at the table on matters relating to effective place management and deployment of resources.

The world has changed dramatically since we went to ballot to renew the BID in early 2021. We still have another two years to complete under this current arrangement through to 31 March 2026. As we enter Year 4 of this second term, we will continue to celebrate and promote the wealth of diversity of city centre businesses. Delivering events and campaigns that attract visitors, encourage dwell time and drive spend. We are also looking at new innovations and experimental projects to meet the demands of what is now a very different city centre."

Sheffield BID team

Street team

  • Business & Visitor Liaison Officer - Ian Mott
  • Clean Team Leader - John Whittington
  • Clean Team - Mick Holliday, Murray Jackson and Nick Roseby