Day to day operations 

The management team responsible for day to day operations:

  • Diane Jarvis, Head of Business Operations (corporate, governance, finance, partnerships and business development)
  • Darren Hendleman-Horne - Operations Manager* (part-time) (environment, security, cleaning, night-time economy)
  • Richard Pilgrim - Project Manager (projects, events, marketing, communications)

Administrative support:

  • Belinda Hughes - Business Support Officer (part-time) 

You can contact the team on 0114 339 2015 or by emailing for service and issues. For all other enquiries please email

Street team*

Our street team provides a presence on the ground 7-days a week:

  • Ian Mott - Business & Visitor Liaison Officer
  • Michael Holliday - Clean Team
  • John Whittington - Clean Team
  • Murray Jackson - Clean Team
  • Nick Roseby - Clean Team

* These posts are funded through programme expenditure.