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Much of our engagement is focused on a broad range of stakeholder and consumer audiences, particularly those who visit, live in and work in Sheffield city centre. Whilst we undertake extensive consumer comms to drive visitor participation, encourage dwell time and drive spend, it's also important that we engage as effectively as possible with those businesses who fund our activities (BID levy payers).

How we engage with our BID levy payers

There are many opportunities for organisations to benefit directly from the work of Sheffield BID; a well-managed BID can prove beneficial to those that proactively support it. It’s important that you engage with us to get the best return on investment from the levy paid by your business.

Our top tips for getting involved and benefiting from the BID:

  • The role of BIDs and the nature of services differ from place to place so make sure you meet with Diane Jarvis, Head of Business Operations, or Richard Pilgrim, Project Manager, so you have an overview of the BID’s role in Sheffield city centre.

  • Talk to the team to discuss any concerns around anti-social behaviour, retail/business crime, security or the welfare of your staff.

  • Meet with our Business Liaison Officer, Ian Mott. Ian will meet with you regularly to discuss what the BID is doing, where you might need support or if you have any issues.

  • Go on one of our organised walking tours to explore the city centre – this is a great opportunity for your staff, area, regional and divisional managers to find out more about the culture and the environment here.

  • Host your management meetings here in Sheffield city centre. If your senior management team wants to visit the city, Sheffield BID will arrange a free meeting room and refreshments.

  • Sign your staff up to our volunteer litter picking activities to help us maintain a healthy high street for the local community.

  • Look for opportunities to support the BID and in turn deliver value for your business. We have lots of projects that help drive new customers and trade (from major festivals to own-brand BID events, the Shop Mobility scheme and the Sheffield City Centre Gift Card to campaigns such as Dine Sheffield's restaurant week).

  • We sponsor several major festivals so think about whether you could put together a special promotion or an incentive to encourage visitors from those events into your venue. Sheffield BID will be only too happy to push any offers through our own visitor channels and boosted social. www.sheffieldcitycentre.com@OutOutSheff (X) and @OutOutSheff (Facebook).

  • Consider hosting in-store/in-venue experiences for the BID community. This could be a VIP “after hours” lock-in or a seasonal preview. We’ll support the marketing.

  • Let us know if you have any training requirements that might also benefit other businesses. We provide training on areas such as counter terrorism and conflict management. We’re happy to look at different training needs if there is demand from businesses.

  • Contact us if you need footfall data or have other data requirements such as visitor demographics.

  • Visit our team at Unit 1, Surrey Street (next to the Winter Garden). Our own retail concept space on the high street acts as a visitor hub and live city guide. It regularly transforms to represent seasonal events in the cultural and retail calendar, connecting people with local businesses, promoting what’s on in the city centre, highlighting where to shop, eat and visit. We’re happy to discuss bespoke campaigns and promotions for local businesses using this facility.

  • Build relationships with influential peer groups by attending our High Street Forum to share ideas and discuss solutions to problems impacting the BID area.

  • If you're a licenced premise, get involved with Best Bar None.

  • Meet up with our non-executive directors who make up the BID Board. Find out what they are doing to represent your sector in the city centre.

  • Encourage your organisation to sign up for membership of the BID Company. Company Members are entitled to vote at general meetings and can nominate people to stand for election to the BID Board at two-yearly rotations.

  • Ask to attend a BID Board meeting as an observer.

  • Make sure the BID has a valid email for your business and share the monthly BID Bulletin with your colleagues.

  • Your business is part of the BID – so become an ambassador for the BID in your own business circles; help us to promote the work that is being done to increase the vibrancy and competitiveness of Sheffield city centre.

  • Always review our latest Annual Report to ensure we're adding value and meeting your expectations.

  • Follow us across all social media platforms https://linktr.ee/SheffieldBID