30 Jun
A weekend of music and good times as The Fringe at Tramlines returns!

After a successful post-pandemic comeback in 2022, The Fringe at Tramlines makes its much anticipated return to the city centre from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd July. 

Supported by Sheffield BID, this exciting event promises a jam-packed schedule of activities. 

Prepare for a weekend filled with music and entertainment as the city centre becomes a vibrant hub of celebration. From the lively outdoor main stage at Devonshire Green to the numerous city venues, bars, pubs, and clubs, a diverse range of live music and DJs will create an extraordinary festive ambiance that extends beyond the city centre. 

Diane Jarvis, Head of Business Operations at Sheffield BID, said: "Sheffield BID has been a funding partner to the Fringe at Tramlines since its inception in 2018. The event continues to play a key role in the major events calendar, driving vibrancy in the city centre and delivering an economic boost with increased footfall, dwell time and spend for local businesses. 

"The Fringe at Tramlines is an inclusive and diverse event. Once again, we look forward to playing our part in helping to create yet another vibrant and colourful experience for city centre visitors. It’s a great way to animate the city centre and showcase what the city does best."

This year's The Fringe at Tramlines highlights

Get ready to join the biggest party of the year as Sheffield comes alive with The Fringe at Tramlines. 

The Devonshire Green Main Stage

Saturday 22nd July

At Devonshire Green, the main stage of The Fringe at Tramlines will captivate attendees with its range of music and an enticing selection of food and beverages. 

Under the expert curation of local music promoter, Papa Al, this stage strives to showcase a rich tapestry of musical genres that beautifully reflects Sheffield's diverse cultural landscape. 

Saturday headliners Jungle Lion an energetic ska ensemble featuring 10 talented musicians with a long history of performances during the Tramlines weekend. Jungle Lion are joined on Saturday by reggae, funk, soul, ska and more from supporting acts, Solar Love Society and The Free Radicals.

🎶 Soul Battalion 🎶

Speed for Lovers will perform their live electronic music inspired by Sheffield’s vibrant club scene, whilst gifted reggae performer Ripton Lindsey and soul/motown band Soul Battalion are also appearing on Saturday as are Romano Jilo (Roma dancers) and Blue Street Brass.

💃 Romano Jilo 📸 courtesy of Tim Dennell

The highly acclaimed Beatles Dub Club from Chris Arnold will also feature on Saturday, having been a huge hit on the festival circuit with support from Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim). Chris remixes and re-edits Beatles classics. Completing the Saturday line-up are Los Vastardos, a new mystery band from Alex del Mango and the Shine Performance Choir with Sista Soul, a vibrant and funky choir including gospel soloists.

Sunday 22nd July

Sunday at Devonshire Green is headlined by the magnificent Sheffield Beatles Project who are a super group of local musicians playing music from The Beatles. 

Also performing are Highway Child (soul, funk and blues), Shanghai Treason (folk-tinged punk rock), Tracks Presents (a big group of young performers from Sheffield Music School) and Rogue Siesta with their funky reggae grooves.  

🎶 Highway Child 🎶

With so much musical entertainment on offer, a dedicated mobile app is available that includes a comprehensive guide to everything that’s on over the weekend. The free app is available for both Android and Apple devices: woov.to/tramlinesfringe

A printed programme is also being produced by Exposed Magazine and will be distributed across the city in advance of the event with a digital version available via the Exposed website: https://www.exposedmagazine.co.uk/.

The Welcome to Sheffield website also features dedicated The Fringe at Tramlines pages: www.welcometosheffield.co.uk/thefringe.

Papa Al, Stage Curator, said: "Sheffield is blessed with a huge range music from many different cultures and it’s brilliant to see this reflected on the main stage at Devonshire Green. 

"We have everything from Beatles hits with the Sheffield Beatles Project to Roma dancers with Romano Jilo. Young musicians will be there in abundance with the Tracks showcase featuring talent from the Sheffield Music School and the fan favourites, Jungle Lion, will be there a ska extravaganza to finish on Saturday. 

"The Fringe at Tramlines is a chance to highlight the best Sheffield has to offer, we can’t wait to see you in July!".

Full list of artists appearing at the Devonshire Green Main Stage

Saturday 22nd July

🎶 Jungle Lion

🎶  Solar Love Society

🎶  The Free Radicals

🎶  Speed for Lovers

🎶  Ripton 

🎶  Soul Battalion

🎶  Chris Arnold presents The Beatles Dub Club

🎶  Blue Street Blues

💃 Romano Jilo

🎶  Los Vastardos

🎶  Shine Performance Choir with Sista Soul

Sunday 22nd July

🎶  Sheffield Beatles Project

🎶  Highway Child

🎶  Shanghai Treason

🎶  Tracks Presents (Sheffield Music School)

🎶  Rogue Siesta