23 Mar
Late night security team to monitor closed premises during Coronavirus pandemic

To help protect BID levy payers who have closed temporarily, we have introduced a roaming BID security team to help monitor your premises and buildings.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, our mobile guarding team will operate in two vehicles from midnight to 6.00am, seven days a week. The team will use the city centre radio network to maintain direct communication with the Council's CCTV control room if police assistance is required.

If your venue is closed or is planning to close please get in touch with the BID's Operations Manager Darren Hendleman. This will help us to prioritise the patrol route.

We are launching this service today (23 March 2020) as an additional measure to deter criminal activity during these challenging times.

Review your own security

Although there are no indicators suggesting an increase in criminality, there are some easy and reasonable measures that can be taken to assist retailers, business managers and office managers in the current situation.

  • Businesses should ensure that they do not leave any cash floats at their premises. Consider putting up signage stating there is no money left on the premise overnight.
  • CCTV – ensure the lighting is left on in key areas where the cameras are to maximise the capturing of clear images. Check that the system is working and recording as it should – check the quality of recordings – could you identify someone from the images the system is recording? If not, it may be time for an upgrade and our dedicated BID Police Sergeant can certainly assist with this.
  • A full building check should be considered to look at points of vulnerability for premise owners. There are three questions to ask:
    • If I wanted to get into the building how would I do it?
    • What can I do to prevent or minimise the possibility of a break in?
    • Who can help me?

Our BID Police Sergeant Matthew Burdett can offer advice around other options including upgrading locks and windows, installing alarms or using deterrents such as additional fencing, dummy cameras and more lighting in dark areas.

Seven-day access to the BID Police Sergeant

Sergeant Matthew Burdett will be available to our businesses seven days a week during the COVID-19 outbreak. He is contactable daily for help and advice. (If you require a police response to a crime, you must still contact 101 or 999 depending on the circumstances.)

Street Rangers 

Our Street Rangers continue to sanitise areas affected by rough sleeper detritus to help manage contagion seven days a week. Our phone line is manned Monday - Friday from 9am to 5.30pm. 0114 339 2015. Alternatively please email operations@sheffieldbid.com seven days a week between 9am and 9pm.

Please stay safe.


Diane Jarvis
Sheffield BID Manager

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